Leftover Chicken Recipes

For some reason, chicken usually ends up being one of the number one leftover in our fridge. It’s possible my kids don’t like “regular old chicken breasts”. To tell you the truth, I don’t think I do either. No matter what kind of spices or marinades I use, we seem to always go on a hunt for leftover chicken recipes.

My absolute favorite thing to do with leftover chicken is put it in fried rice. You know, those cheap boxes of flavored fried rice that is “only rice”. I do have this recipe idea on our leftover recipes page on Idea Queen too.  This is especially good if I have leftover pork chop too. You just make the rice as normal, then throw in the meat (heated up over course). It gives it extra flavor and turns the rice into a main dish.

Another recipe we used once was “Cheesy chicken”, which is also on the leftover recipes page. Basically we made a casserole out of the one lonely chicken breast left over with cheese, corn, and a few other ingredients.

There’s yet another idea on this page left by a visitor, that turned her leftover chicken into a chicken salad. That’s another very nice option when you don’t have a whole lot.

I’m interested to hear your favorite leftover chicken recipes!


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