Free Gift Basket Ideas

Gift baskets can be lots of fun creating. You can make millions of gift baskets and never do the same one twice. But just in case your creativity is running a little low, we’ve listed some free gift basket ideas on Idea Queen.

Quite a few of these ideas actually come from an ebook we picked up some time ago. It’s actually available in with the Gift Jar recipes ebook, which alone has some pretty cool ideas as well. (If you didn’t know, Gift Jars are pretty hot right now, as they should be because they are a pretty cool gift!)

Some of the free gift basket ideas you’ll find on our site and in the ebook are:

– Kids Gift Basket Ideas
– Birthday Gift Basket Ideas
– Christmas Gift Basket Ideas
– Teacher Gift Basket Ideas

Plus a whole lot more. Those are just the categories, which each has quite a few ideas within the pages.

Some of my favorite free gift basket ideas are listed below.

Kids Traveling Gift Basket
Use a Book Bag for the “Basket” and fill it with your choice of the following items:
Traveling Bingo Game
Other Travel Size Games
Coloring Book
Doodle Pad of Paper
Pencils or Pens
Magnetic Doodle Board
Travel Size Etch-A-Sketch
Small Portable Radio/Cassette Player w/ Headset 🙂
Don’t Forget the Batteries
Disposable Camera
Snack Crackers
Soft blanket to nap with
Stuffed Animal


Pizza Party Gift Basket
On a pizza stone or board, arrange a variety of delicious domestic cheeses such as Parmesan, mozzarella and feta. Add a pizza cutter, homemade pizza sauce and gourmet ingredients, like sun-dried tomatoes, olives and fresh herbs.


Special Friend Gift Basket
a letter telling them why you appreiciate them (leave it unsigned)
candies, sweets and cookies
a book that only you would know they would like
scented candles
a book about friendship or poems about friendship
a movie only you would know they would like
popcorn kernals with their favorite spices
anything else that is personal between you and your friend that they would like


Lots of cute ideas! Be sure to see all of them (and details on the ebooks) at Idea Queen.


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