Chore Lists for Kids

So this may not be a “fun” activity, but it’s an activity all the same (thus the reason you are looking at it in the “Crafts & Activities” category here at the blog).

Here is my personal chore list for my kids, but you can add your own of course. This list actually comes from the chores for kids page on Idea Queen.

– Wash windows & mirrors
– Wipe down counters & walls
– Vaccum & Mop
– Pick up toys & clothes
– Put away laundry
– Wash dishes or load/unload dishwasher
– Clean out or wash cars
– Clean out gutters (older kids)
– Mow the yard (older kids)

If your kids are older, you could actually add doing laundry to this list. I know us moms tend to be picky when it comes to what is added to the washer. But if you set aside baskets for them to do it can work. My oldest who is now 7 actually shows interest in putting clothes in the washer.  This really is an important skill for them to know, too, as some of us (like me) didn’t know how to do laundry until we moved away from home!

Now of course if you want to keep track of all those chores, a chore list comes in handy. You can either make one yourself (which I recommend, you can actually do a craft with the kids while making something useful!), or buy a handy chore chart (these are nice too, often coming with a list of chores). Either way, the above should give you some ideas for chore lists for kids!


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