Fast and Easy Desserts

There is no shortage of dessert recipes. The more chocolate the better I always say. Oh, but desserts come in more than just chocolate, so maybe I should say the more sugar the better?

Regardless, we picked up an ebook that had over 600 different recipes included. Talk about a sugar high that never goes away! There’s no possible way we can test them all out, but we have tried out several of them. All were wonderful, and it was easy to find just what we wanted when the sugar craving hit.

Some of these recipes can be found on our easy Christmas dessert page, but you can find all of them in the Chocolate Lover’s ebook. I shouldn’t say it’s just an ebook, because actually it’s 19 different ebooks rolled into one package. This way you can find EXACTLY the recipe you want instead of searching for it the hard way. It’s broken down by TYPE of dessert.

Trust me, this is one cookbook we cherish in this house!


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