Pumpkin Carving Patterns

Pumpkin carving is a Halloween tradition. You just can’t get through the holiday without having at least one pumpkin sitting in your window or on your front step. Even though it’s a tad early to start breaking out the pumpkins, we like to be prepared don’t we?

There are a few patterns and resources listed on our pumpkin carving patterns page at idea queen. If you want the basic stuff (ghosts, skeletons, etc), then this will probably be the only place you stop.

Two of our other favorite resources for pumpkin carving patterns online are:

Dot Com Women
One of our favorite resources for just about anything. It hasn’t let us down for pumpkin carving patterns – there are some really great ones here!

The Pumpkin Wizard
Wow, it doesn’t get more unique than this. Fantastic new designs are added all the time on this site. Guess what? They are FREE to boot! Hurray!

Hopefully these sites will keep you busy and you’ll find the absolute perfect pumpkin for your step this Halloween!


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