Game Ideas for Kids

Kids can generally keep themselves occupied for hours on their own. Although sometimes we hear “I’m bored!” and feel the need to help out their creativity a bit. Unfortunately, kids are already more creative than we are so this may not be an easy tasks.

If your family needs some help, there are several ideas you can swipe right off of Idea Queen. We have a whole section of fun activities for kids, many of which are game ideas. Heck you can even take the chore ideas and make a game out of them if you’d like!

Here are a few of my favorite kids games you can use:

Fox & Hen
Taken from the page outdoor kids games. A game that’s played outside of course, usually in the fall or winter. You’ll need to make a maze around the yard with either leaves or snow. Have one child be the fox, and the rest (or yourself!) the “hen”. The idea is for the hens to get through the maze before being caught by the fox. You can make different variations of this game to make them more interesting. Just remember the idea is to stay on the path!

Hide And Seek
You are never too old to play this childhood favorite! It’s listed on our indoor toddler games page, but really anyone can play it. It can also be played outside if you want to make the game more interesting. For older kids, you can also play this game in the dark to make it really hard (one of my absolute favorites when I was about 12, played in the pitch dark basement of my neighbor!).

Online Games
My oldest absolutely loves the computer. He’ll spend the day on it if we let him. His favorite online game sites are listed on the free game sites for kids page.

Remember though, the above ideas should be suggestions only. It’s always more fun coming up with your own ideas for games. 😉


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