Bubble Bath Recipes & Supplies

This page seems to be a bit hard to find on Idea Queen, so I thought it deserved to be in the spot light. There is actually quite a few bubble bath recipes available, complete with details on where to find supplies.

All the bath and body recipes are listed under “Money Saving Ideas” at Idea Queen because it can be cost effective to make your own. Especially if you decided not only to use them for yourself, but gifts as well.

You’ll need to keep in mind that most of these bubble bath recipes do NOT include a preservative of any kind. They will not keep for more than a few months. Do be sure that if you are giving bubble bath as a gift you let them know this. On the plus side, the ones that use only natural ingredients are free of toxins and better for your body. This is especially great for those with sensitive skin.

For supplies, we’ve found two GREAT places to pick up just about any type of natural ingredient you need for ANY bath and body product. Shamanshop.net has some fantastic options for essential oils and other types of oils. Mountain Rose Herbs has the supplies you need for glycerin and other natural bases for bath products.

Before you start shopping for supplies though, do be sure to stop by and check out our bubble bath recipes!


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