Best Toddler Games Online

Usually when we my little ones go online to play games, we pick sites like Noggin, NickJr, and PlayHouse Disney. In this house, we’re all about the education. All of them are very good sites, with Noggin pulling ahead for toddlers (easy for them to navigate, instructions at their level, etc).

Although in addition to online games, there’s also other games you can download which are absolutely perfect for toddlers. My daughter has latched on to two games from BigFish, featuring one of her favorite characters. These games are Dora’s Carnival Adventure and Doras Carnival 2 – At the Boardwalk.

Each work on a system of tickets. Dora goes to the carnival, and plays various games for tickets. It has a lot to do with following directions, matching and memory skills, along with games the kids will just fall in love with. I also like how tit encourages goal setting by collecting a certain amount of tickets for certain prizes. You could even go so far as to say these games are even good for early money skills (since they have to “buy” prizes with their tickets, and each prize costs a certain amount of tickets).

What I love the most about BigFish is you can try before you buy. Almost all games are free for one hour. If you don’t like the game, you aren’t stuck with the cost. MUCH better than spending money for a CD in the store, only to find out you don’t like the game.

In addition to the two Dora games, there are other great kids games (and adult games!) you can download as well. This is why we chose the membership option a long time ago, so we can get our games for less than half the price marked. If it’s just the one game you want, you can chose to just buy the game alone. Very simple either way.

BigFish has no spyware or viruses. Just very addicting, very fun games!


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