Chore System for Kids

Getting kids to do chores isn’t always easy. After all, why do work when there are so many fun things to do? That’s why we have rewards set up to encourage getting things done. Because of this, we’ve even “caught” them doing chores on their own in hopes they’ll earn some money!

Setting up a chore system for kids must be done on an individual basis. You can grab some chore ideas from Idea Queen, but the system is a bit more tricky. Too complicated and it will be easy to lose track of. Too easy and not enough will get done. Either way you are most likely going to need a chart of some type.

The chart you can either make yourself, or buy. Amazon has some very nice chore charts. I especially like the magnetic ones (we’ve had sticker based in the past, and they just don’t work very well).

When setting up your system, you’ll have to figure out who can do what and when. Younger kids may not be in many activities, but as they get older you may rarely be home. In our house, we have a “take care of yourself” system. For extra money they do the “extra” chores such as putting away dishes from the dishwasher, and washing windows. Aside from those chores, everyone has their own personal responsibilities. Each put away their own clothes (mom is the only one that runs the washer and dryer right now), each take their plates to the kitchen after meals, and each take care of their own toys.

With chore charts, it’s easier to keep track of the extra chores in particular. This avoids the “I did it last!” arguments and complaints. You may or may not chose to do rewards, depending on your own set of beliefs and values. In our house, quarters and dimes are used based on the size of the job. Putting away only a few clothes would pay a dime, where as washing all the windows would be a quarter. If you use a chore chart to mark who has done what, you can use it as a base for weekly allowances or special treats.

Again I feel the need to say that chore systems really do need to be set up by YOU. Just be sure you keep it simple enough to keep track of!


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