Cooking a Whole Chicken

Usually when I pull out my roaster, I’m planning to make a pot roast. This time I didn’t have a roast, but rather a whole chicken. I picked it up at the store on a whim, thinking it would be something different and fun. I’ve never cooked a whole chicken before, so why not?

I picked up some tips from some friends and relatives, and gave it a go. First I set the oven to 325*, but this proved to be a little high. I ended up turning it down to 250* for the last hour or two. So I would recommend 300* to start with so it doesn’t get dried out.

After mixing some herbs in a bowl with olive oil, I poked the chicken and rubbed the mixture in. I also placed a stick of butter on the top of it before tossing it into the oven. In all it was cooked about 6 hours, and checked on occasionally (I had to coat it a few times in juices so it wouldn’t get dried out).

The kids thought it was pretty cool to have a “whole chicken” for supper. After school when they saw what was cooking, they got excited. Just couldn’t wait to dig into it! And really it was pretty tasty….. both of them ate all there was on their plate. Even my son that’s rather picky, so I was pleased. The chicken was pretty tender too, literally falling right off the bone.

Something new, but turned out to be pretty good!  Plus of course it gave us some leftovers, which I’m sure I’ll be posting recipes for. 😉


8 thoughts on “Cooking a Whole Chicken

  1. Awesome..thanks for the info-overload..does anyone really care about your daily life?..Um..I think not..time to focus more on the kids, and less on the it? Good


  2. Sorry you feel this way. Most find these posts helpful. Also I spend more time with my kids than most do since this site allows me to work at home. Most of my work is done while they are at school anyway.


  3. Wow! Someone must have been having a bad day? I guess this is what some call a “blog bully”?? Hmm … maybe someone missed what a “BLOG” was? Maybe she also missed the “when the kids came home from school”?? Maybe she could share her ever so great parenting skills and let us work at home moms know what we’re supposed to be doing while our children are at school? Hmm … maybe instead of making a living from home, we should be playing Martha Stewart & Betty Crocker while our children are at school? Yeah, sorry, I’m being kind of rude but, I think the first commentor was even more rude.

    Honey, if you don’t like the content of this BLOG – honestly, you don’t HAVE to read. Didn’t see anyone forcing you to do so 😉

    Kara, I for one appreciate what you do on this blog and I’m even going to ask you to share some MORE info (apparently I wasn’t overloaded enough). Can you remember what herbs you mixed with the olive oil? I’d love to give it a try!

    Keep up the great work!


  4. Cool! I really do want to give it a try! And yeah, I’m a nut with the garlic salt too. It’s staple in this house. Most people put Salt & Pepper on the table … we put Salt, Pepper & Garlic Salt on the table!! LOL!

    Thanks! 😀


  5. I’m not sure if my first comment went through as my connection messed up! Anyway!

    Ooo, that chicken sounds like it was absolutely delicious! Whenever we have a whole chicken, it’s never homemade, always a deli rotesserie special. – But those are actually pretty good!

    Also, I agree with Anita about the first commenter. Don’t listen to them. Your blog posts are great and well, you should be able to blog about whatever you want! Keep up the great work!


  6. Wow, that makes me hungry just reading about it. The herbs and butter and slow roasting for six hours sounds like a nice touch. I think I’ll try it when I get a day off.


  7. Haha don`t mind the name I just thought the Name Goji Juice Girl was kinda funny so I came up with this one! Anyways backt o the chicken! I think this would make a vegetarian go eat meat again, lol. Just kidding but hey this Recipe sounds really great I am gonna try it soon and let you know if i got it right. I am not that good of a cook you know 🙂


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