Printable Coloring Book Pages

Ok so this isn’t a freebie. Sorry!  I’m not allowed to! But I did want to mention it, since it’s pretty cheap.

The other day I was wandering around in evil Walmart, looking for last minute gifts for my daughter (I didn’t realize her birthday was THIS weekend, so now it’s a mad dash getting things together!). I saw some coloring books, and about died looking at the price. Even small ones were a few bucks. Holy cow! Weren’t those like 50 cents when I was a kid? Ah how times have changed…..

Now I wasn’t really planning to get her a coloring book for several reasons, but the price caught my attention. I was floored! Made me realize how cheap the printable coloring books up on Idea Queen really are. Granted they aren’t “bound” and in a “real book”…..but like our coloring books ever stayed in one piece to begin with.

I haven’t gotten a coloring book since we got this package. There’s so much for them to color (and color again for that matter), we just haven’t needed to. Just before getting it though, we use to look for free ones online. My computer ended up with so much spyware it wasn’t even funny. Needless to say I won’t be doing that again. Nor would I need to – this package has over 1200 different pages. Even if my kids colored every day, they wouldn’t need any more.

My daughter especially likes the cats and dogs, while my son really likes the car pages. He doesn’t like to color all that much either, but the cars interest him. It’s actually quite an interesting collection, and a lot could be done with it.

Anyway, something I thought I’d mention! 😉


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