Birthday Party Planner List

A few days ago I mentioned Idea Queen has gone mobile. Meaning we’ve created a website specifically for mobile devices such as cell phones. It’s a website all on it’s own, and it’s purpose is to be used as a ‘check list’ while you are out running errands.

Part of this new mobile site includes a checklist for birthday party supplies. If you are about to rush out the door, first make note of this site:

For those of you just looking for an easy list to grab, let me give you the list. Granted this is the “short” version of the page, but I think it’s all most of you really need:

– Decorations
Balloons, stremers, table cloth, etc. All optional.

– Plates and Napkins
Paper plates, napkins, and anything else you need for cake and ice cream.

– Cake and Ice Cream
Half gallons usually do, but depending on the number of guest you’ll want more.

– Spoons and Forks
Plastic is good and makes for easy clean up. Get individual boxes, you don’t need plastic knives.

– Games
Crayons and coloring books work for little ones. Party games work for adults

– Gift Bags
Optional. Take a trip to the dollar store for this one.

Need the decorations? We recommend The Party Works!

PartyWorks Logo


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