Easy Microwave Recipes

Growing up, our microwave wasn’t used for much more than heating up frozen bags of veggies or reheating leftovers (and even then it wasn’t too often). It was almost a law that “real meals” had to be cooked in the oven.

Since growing up and having zero time to cook “real meals” half the time, I’ve turned to the microwave to make my life a little less hectic. I’ve picked up a few recipes here and there which use nothing but the microwave.

When I’m being extra lazy, the bacon for BLTs gets tossed in the microwave. It requires owning a special plate specifically for that purpose though. At least I’m pretty sure that’s it’s only purpose – I’ve never seen it used for anything else. Just lay the bacon across the plate, and toss it in the microwave. I do this often because it cuts down on injuries from popping bacon.

Baked Potatoes
The best potatoes are going to come from the oven. But who has time for that? I know I don’t. I pop all potatoes into the microwave and cook for 8-10 mins. Sure beats an hour in the oven, doesn’t it? No foil required. The toppings for the potatoes can also be heated up after the potatoes are done.

Cheesy Potatoes
You’ll need to cook the potatoes before mixing anything. Just cook like you normally would, then cut into bite size pieces. Add shredded cheese and mayo for a rich and creamy potato side dish.

Not just for campfires! Actually these are a lot less messy when cooked in the microwave. Make a “sandwich” using gram crackers, chocolate bars, and marshmallows. Pop in the microwave for a few seconds or until the chocolate is soft (but not completely melted). Still messy to eat, but at least the clean up is a bit easier.

For some really good recipes, be sure to check out cookbooks featuring nothing but microwave recipes. For example, Microwave Gourmet.


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