Recipes for Apples

Even though our apple trees around here are already bare, I’m thinking there may be some still looking for some apple recipes. I know I’ve yet to make my best apple pie, mostly because the kids ran off with all the apples we picked a few weeks ago. I actually had to go out and buy apples because I’ve been promising the pie for so long.

Anyway, pie isn’t the only thing you can make with apples. It maybe be my family’s favorite, but there are plenty more things to do. You could make apple sauce, apple crisp, apple jelly, or even just baked apples. As I mentioned before, I didn’t get apples to make even pie this year, so I haven’t tried any different recipes out. But I do have a hoard of recipes for just apples to try out. You can find some of them on our apple recipes page, or in the apple recipes e-cookbook.



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