Toddler Fitness Games

It use to be we worried that our kids were getting enough to eat. But now it seems more often than not we worry that they are eating too much. Or rather they just aren’t as active as they should be. Toddler fitness games could be your solution.

Now on Idea Queen there is a page for family exercise ideas. These ideas are pretty simple, and give you some ideas on places to walk and things to do. There is one idea in particular I think we can expand on a bit though. That idea is #4 – Country Exploring.

If you don’t live out in the country or have a huge backyard to roam in, this activity would be best at a park. You can take a day trip to a state park and make up some fun games while you are there. Pack a healthy lunch and let your creativity run wild.

For example, you can write a list ahead of time of things to do. These things could be “run around a picnic table 5 times”, or “hop on one foot around the biggest tree”. Think of other things you normally see in your park, and other forms of exercise you can put with them. Make it a game by seeing how fast they can complete the entire list.

If you’ve got more than one toddler, you can have races to see who can do each task the fastest. You can also use incentives to give to the winner if they need a bit of encouragement.

Have fun, and don’t forget to be creative!


One thought on “Toddler Fitness Games

  1. Hi! I love these toddler fitness ideas. I think it is so important to keep toddlers active and running around for both their physical and mental health. I live in New York City where many toddlers are cooped up in their apartments all day long, and it takes a very active parent to take them to parks each day for exercise. Country exploring, as you suggest, seems like a perfect way to beat the boredom on the weekends. During the week you might want to consider bringing the little one to a gymboree or kid fitness center for an hour or two. The New York Kids Club has 4 locations in NYC and sevaral fitness activity programs for kids 6 months to 12 yrs. old-from rock climbing, a giant trampoline, tons of gymnastic equipment, and fitness classes. For those of you that live in the NYC area, please feel free to come to blogger Free Friday Jan. 18. Its a great opportunity to check out hte facilities, meet the staff, nad enjoy free food and drinks. View the invite


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