Toys Not Made In China

Americans are getting serious about buying toys not made in China. We thought it was bad when there was lead paint in our toys, but now a recent recall is actually seriously harming our children. It all comes down to the big companies wanting to save money to put in their own pockets, and skipping USA standards on what’s safe in the process.

Christmas shopping season is now here. Instead of seeing half your child’s Christmas toys on the recall list, let’s buy American this year. Not only will you be buying SAFE toys, but also putting food on the table for all those American employees.

This is a topic that has really hit home with me, what with Whirlpool buying out Maytag and putting several hundred employees in my hometown out of work. My own father being one of them, who put in nearly 20 years at Maytag’s original plant. Their reason for closing the plant the small town was so proud of, was so they could save money by making washers and dryers in another country. It’s sad, it makes us all sick, and it’s time to put a stop to it all.

Without further rambling, here is our list of places to buy toys NOT made in China:

Zebulon USA
A nice resource of finding toys and other items not made in China. All products they sell are made in the USA ONLY.
Yup, Amazon DOES have toys made in the USA. The link above will take you to ONLY toys marked “Made in USA”. I’m sure you could probably find more if you searched long enough, but a list of 200 should keep you busy for a little while.

This one doesn’t have all American made toys, but they do have a handy guide that tells you what is made where. See the “Where our toys are made” guide for all the codes, and shop accordingly.

Monkey Bean Toys
Again, not all come from the US. However, the toys are “hand picked” and come from US, Germany, Russia, Czechoslovakia, Thailand, and England. None made in China, which is most important to us.

This search is not over – we’ll be looking for more places to shop and hopefully be posting more soon!


5 thoughts on “Toys Not Made In China

  1. It’s very annoying when these Eastern countries send us shoddy goods. All they want is Western money and their standards always fall short.

    Walmart are very big in to Chinese production. I predict a spectacular fall from grace for them in the future because they’ve put all theor eggs in a Chinese basket.


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