Recipes for Pork Chops

Yesterday at the store the Iowa Chops were looking pretty tasty at the meat counter. I decided to pick up a few for the kids and I to eat. Now since they are Iowa chops, I usually don’t use any of the recipes from our fried pork chop page. These are usually good all by themselves. Sometimes I can’t help but use a little white wine to fry them up though. (And it’s probably how I’ll fry these up!)

However, my favorite pork chops usually come from the page I linked above. Depending on my mood, I’ll either fry them in the pan with white wine and fennel seeds or I’ll fry them in oil and add cream of mushroom soup.

Once in awhile I feel the need to get out of my rut, and pull a recipe from the pork chop recipe ebook.   There are some really good ones in there, and make for some awesome pork chops!

It seems like a must to have a form of potatoes with our pork chops. My favorite of course being garlic mashed potatoes. Over the weekend I picked up a potato sack, and I’m exited to try it out! I have no idea how my potatoes are going to turn out in the microwave, but I guess we will see, eh?


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