Homemade Gifts for Adults

While a lot of the ideas on our homemade Christmas gift ideas page applies to adults, I thought I would mention a few ideas I’ve done for family in the past. It’s not about how much the gift costs, but rather how much the gift means to the person receiving it.

Zipper Bags (sewing required)
Last year I picked up fabric featuring my family’s favorite college basketball team. Even though I’m the odd one out (I really could care less what team is playing), my parents and grandparents hardly ever miss a game. So for Christmas I made a small pouch with a zipper for my mom, and a pillow for my dad out of the fabric. They were thrilled! Of course it didn’t cost all but a few dollars for both of them, but it was something very special.

Homemade Bread
My grandparents are THE hardest people to shop for, so we don’t even try most years. They have an entire farm house full of just “stuff”, so about the only thing they need is food. Not just any food though – homemade food! My grandma doesn’t bake or cook anymore, so giving them something already made is just perfect. Even if you don’t have a bread machine, taking the extra time to make homemade bread is a perfect gift for those hard to shop for people.

Unique and Personal Gifts
This one can be a bit tricky, and you’ve really got to use your imagination to come up with ideas. My dad is one that doesn’t have a whole lot, but doesn’t WANT a lot either. He likes to live very basic. For years everyone has given him t-shirts and sweat shirts, but now he’s got more than he’ll ever need. While looking around a craft show though, I came across a stationary set that was VERY cute. Since he’s so picky about his notebook he uses for his budget and notes, I had a better idea. We’re going to pick up one of his normal notebooks – and decorate it. It will be personalized, special, and unique to him. He will LOVE it.

Other Homemade Gifts for Adults
You can never go wrong with food. Especially if the person you are giving to has special food needs. Making a specific item for someone with a special diet is both thoughtful and needed. Mixes are a nice gift too, if you know they’ll have the time and ability to make it themselves. (My grandparents we’ve learned do NOT have the time, so mixes are out of the question – we actually have to MAKE the items for them). You can make desserts, breads, or any other item that will keep for at least a week or so. If nothing else, make them up a set of coupons for different dishes you can make and WILL make for them over the year. Think of it as a gift certificate for your baking services. 😉

If you need a few more ideas, be sure to see the list of homemade Christmas gift ideas on Idea Queen!


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