Crafts with Pine Cones

When I was a kid, I loved to paint pine cones. Having a huge forest as my neighbor, there were no shortage of pine cones either. I loved to spend the day walking through the woods and finding them. I’d bring all my treasures home, and sit down to paint.

The pine cones I chose always looked like mini-trees, so that’s what I would do with them. I’d paint them all green, then paint “decorations” on the tips. I never got too fancy, because it didn’t take too much to entertain me as a kid. Just a few different colored dots to look like Christmas decorations on a tree, and sometimes a bit of glitter. That’s it! Very easy, but kept me busy for at least a few hours.

Now I know you may not be as lucky as me living so close to an endless supply of pine cones, but a trip to a local park might be just as good. It adds to the fun of the craft, trust me! It’s exciting to find those perfect pine cones, and it’s a whole lot of fun looking for them too. 😉


2 thoughts on “Crafts with Pine Cones

  1. I use pine cones for a variety of projects with the children in my child development home (child care). We paint them, as you did, and sometimes add glitter and string small beads for garlands. We also use them for bird feeders…spread on peanut butter and roll in bird seed. We also make a centerpiece for our fall table by placing pinecones, acorns, and other such “treasures” that we gather while on nature walks, into a large bowl. Anyone who hasn’t used these doesn’t know what they are missing!

    Sharon in SW IA


  2. I absolutely love the bird feeder idea! I hesitate on having a bird feeder of any kind at my house since I have cats. I’d love to feed the birds, but unfortunately I think I’d be feeding my cats too!


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