Projects with Scrap Fabric

I realize not everyone can sew, but it happens to be something I enjoy doing. I love to be able to make something by hand, and take pride in it. Not everything I’ve attempted has come out as planned, but that’s alright. It’s how we learn.

Because I like to try out all kinds of different projects, I have a lot of scraps. I use them for several different smaller projects, which I’ll list here.

Doll Clothes
Since some doll clothes have small pieces, a scrap will sometimes work. Scraps are easier to use when working with smaller doll clothes such as those for Barbie dolls. If nothing else, you could always make a scrap fabric dress out of all those little scraps you’ve got.

Scrap Pillows
This project I absolutely love, because there are really no rules. Just as long as you end up with a square or rectangle, it doesn’t matter what you add to it. I’m actually planning to make a scrap pillow to go along with my son’s quilt. It will be from all the scraps in the quilt, so it will match.

Doll Quilts
What better way to use up those scraps then to make a doll quilt? If you’ve made a full size quilt, you can make a doll quilt with what you’ve got left. This works especially well since you’ll probably have extra batting.

These are just a few different projects with scrap fabric to get you started. Have fun!


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