Spongebob Christmas Cards

Looking around I can see this is one item people may be having problems finding. I’ve checked the big suppliers I know that carry just about everything, as well as places like Nick.com…….and come up with nothing.

What I did find was not “real” Christmas cards, but ecards featuring Spongebob. So if you are looking for them, it might be as close as you can get. AmericanGreetings.com and search “Spongebob”, and you’ll see quite a few different cards. There’s only 2 or 3 maybe that are Christmas specific, but also quite a few that would work for any occasion.

So for those of you looking for Spongebob Christmas cards, there you go! If it’s not quite what you are looking for, you might also want to think about making your own. Especially if you have Spongebob wrapping paper left over, you can make some pretty special Christmas cards by hand. 😉


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