New Sewing Project – Dryer Pads

Nope, no new pages on Idea Queen this time. I thought about it, but figured I had better just link to where this particular idea came from.

I was browsing around this site yesterday trying to come up with extra ideas for homemade gifts. This one in particular stood out to me, and I knew it would be something super easy for me to get done.

Clothes dryer pads are an EXCELLENT idea for a Christmas gift, since they are both personal and useful. Since we make candles, there is no shortage of fragrance oil here! Plus I had extra batting from my son’s quilt, so thought this was a perfect project and Christmas gift for several on my list.

Now just because I have access to 70+ scents doesn’t mean you can’t easily get fragrance oil or essential oil. Check your local craft shore or even health food store. Actually, you can even find quite a few options on if you don’t want to hunt all over town (and with gas prices the way they are, this is probably a MUCH cheaper option).

So if you are looking for a gift for the person that has everything (and believe me, my grandparents have EVERYTHING), this is a PERFECT gift for them!


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