Christmas Ornament Crafts

This is my absolute favorite thing to do this time of year. I’m not real big on Christmas, but every year the kids and I make our own Christmas ornaments. It’s become a family tradition that we never miss.

What’s great about this craft is you probably have all you need in the house, which makes this a perfect craft to do when your snowed in (like we are today!).

First you’ll need cookie cutters and the dough recipe. That can be found on our Christmas ornament craft page at Idea Queen.¬† Just make the dough and cut out your ornaments, then bake. We let them sit over night, and paint the next day.

Since this has become a tradition, we also make sure we leave enough dough for each of the kids to make their own hand print. Then each year as we decorate the tree, we look at the hand prints from the previous years to see how much they’ve grown.

Take care when you put these decorations away, as they are very breakable. Over the past few years, we’ve had a few here and there break, but not many.

Have fun!


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