More Bad Products from China

A friend just passed to me a story about a woman who received chemical burns from flip-flops of all things. Now keep in mind I ALWAYS check these stories at Snopes. This email made it a whole lot easier because the link to the Snopes story was linked directly in the email. The story actually WAS from Snopes!

It just makes me sick to know despite how many people get hurt, they keep importing products from China without checking to see if they are safe or not. Granted it’s not always easy to buy American, but you’d be surprised how much you really can still find and how little it actually costs. Just a few weeks ago I was looking for a picture frame and found one made in the USA that was actually cheaper than the Made in China ones. Not a hard choice to make there!

So be sure to pass this along to your friends – it’s just terrible what they are sending us!


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