Week One of House Organizing

Here we are already in the first week of organizing the house. If you read the first post on this, you’ll know I started with the bathroom last week.

While it might seem a bit lazy to only pick one room a week, it actually isn’t a bad idea. Instead of being overwhelmed with all I need to do in one room in one day, I was able to just do a little at a time each day. This helped to not become so overwhelmed and prevented me from quitting. It also helped to form a daily habit of organizing and cleaning each day.

So after the first week, I have a completely clean bathroom. It was wonderful to walk into this morning first thing and see it clean. No clothes on the floor, no smudges on the mirror. I had to peek into my closets again to see how great they both looked.

I was lucky to already have two very deep closets (one with shelves, one without) and a shelf just outside the shower. The medicine cabinet is lacking space, but that’s alright. The closet with the shelves make up for it. My shelf I picked up several years ago, and looks similar to this product at Organize.com . Mine doesn’t have the towel rack on it, so I’m a bit jealous there. It’s alright though, I do not complain about my bathroom’s size and layout because it’s bigger than any other house I’ve lived in!

This week I’ll be jumping into the laundry room. It’s a mess, and I’ve got more laundry than I know what to do with. I make sure we all have clean clothes, but that “extra” stuff tends to get pushed aside. Things like extra blankets, rags, and other “stuff” we’ve tossed in there to wash. One large hamper and a good sized laundry basket are completely overflowing (at least I think there’s still a laundry basket in there…..we haven’t seen it in months!). Not to mention the shelves are packed with junk we need to get rid of, and there are hoards of clothes to put away.
My “scheduled time” for cleaning the laundry room is not going to work here, since the majority of the work is in the laundry. I can only do one load at a time, so it’s going to have to be one of those things I work on all day if I ever want to be caught up (and yes, there are clothes being washed as I type!). I’ve decided that every time I go in to swap out clothes, I’ll be putting away as much as I can. If I grab just a few things every time, I’ll be done in no time. 😉

So are you following this challenge with me? If so, which room are you working on this week?


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