Connecting with Your Kids

If you only have one kid, ignore this post. It doesn’t apply to you, because every day you get a chance to focus on your one and only. For those of us who have more than one kid, this can be quite a challenge.

Right now I am lucky enough to have two kids in different grade levels with different school hours. It’s not an every day thing, but usually twice a month I get each of them individually for a short time. My daughter goes to preschool from noon to three every day, where my son is in 1st grade and goes every day all day. Except for some Wednesdays where they let out 2 hours early, when the preschool goes normal hours.

I’m very grateful for these days, and go out of my way to plan special things to do alone with him. He’s the hardest to plan “alone time” with, since his sister goes where he goes most of the time. I get to spend every day alone with his sister, but he seems to always be gone.

Add the fact he’s a boy and you’ve really got problems. Boys tend to be harder to connect with the older you get. Sure dad has no problem, but mom is a different story. Seems like the older they get, the more they see us as the enemy. Unless of course we take action now to spend as much private time as possible with them.

Take offers from family and friends to keep an eye on your kids so you can spend time with just one at a time. Do things they enjoy like take them out for ice cream, to a movie, or even just to their favorite restaurant. Make them feel special as individuals by giving them your undivided attention even for just an hour, giving them a memory of “just me and mom” that didn’t include all the siblings.

We don’t live in a perfect world so it might not always be easy, but you can do it. Even if it’s just 15 minutes while the rest are asleep or taking a bath, it can mean the world to a child that has to share your attention and love on a regular basis. 😉


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