Two New Recipe Suggestions

These two recipes were submitted over the weekend. They both sound like really great ideas, and I can’t wait to try them!

Chicken Strips
by  Annonymous Visitor
First take boneless skinless chicken breasts into strips. Then take about 6 eggs and put some ranch dressing in with the eggs. It thinkens the batter and makes it more crispier.  Then take a zip lock bag and i put flour in it and seasoning salt and garlic salt. Have your pan on medium heat and with oil to cook. 

I absolutely LOVE the idea of putting ranch dressing in instead of milk, and plan to try that out. The rest of this idea is usually the same way I make chicken strips at home, except we use a deep fryer instead of pan. Although we have been getting away from the deep fryer a bit and seeking less greasy options.
Leftover Meat Recipe
by Alysha Romine

Take one of those Lipton flavored noodle or rice boxes. They are always on sale for $1.00. Cook it just like the directions say but add in a cut up piece of chicken, beef, or pork from the night before. Also add in any two veges you like that go with the flavor (canned come out fine) You can stir in sour cream when the meal is done to make it creamy. This is a one dish 15 minute wonder to feed the family! Examples: Lipton Butter and Herb Pasta add leftover chicken (or canned chicken) and a can of green peas (drained) and a can of carrots (drained) then stir in sour cream (1/4 cup) when it is done. Another example is Lipton Strogonoff Flavored Noodles, add in leftover beef (diced) and mushrooms and cooked onions. Again sour cream would not be amiss in this recipe. The options are endless and it is a cheap and easy meal for a harried mother or wife.

This particular leftover recipe we do quite often, but almost always with rice instead of pasta. I guess we are such pasta as a main dish fans we never thought to use it as an ingredient in a leftover dish! Great idea!

Remember if you have ideas to add anywhere on the site, you are encouraged to do so. We are ALWAYS interested in new ideas and different ways to do things. Feel free to submit your ideas!


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