Handling Snow Days

Today isn’t technically a snow day (not yet anyway), but they are going two hours late. Of course in these two hours, they have the ability to upset my morning routine. This drives me nuts. Not that I’m a real organized person, but my motivation is at it’s highest in the morning. If I don’t get right down to business, the day tends to be lost.

I purposely take Saturday and Sunday as “days off” to spend the day with the kids and give them my full attention. No working and very little housework. What housework and cooking is done on the weekends usually involves them in some way. Hey it’s a family activity, right?

So I know the “working” part may mean different things depending on your current situation. Your main job may be a house wife (and YES that is a REAL job – do NOT let anyone EVER tell you differently!), or you may be like me, working at home on the computer. Regardless, I’m sure snow days can really mess up your day.

When you simply can’t afford to “take the day off”,  how do you handle them?  Do you have certain toys or activities you save for the snow day so you can continue your normal day? Or do you spend the day pulling your hair out?

I’m VERY curious to read some replies!


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