Organizing the House – Update

If you were looking for the weekly update last week, you didn’t find it. Yes I slacked off, lost my focus, and didn’t make any plans last week. Actually, I started to slip a little before that too.

I was suppose to be cleaning this front room/living room two weeks ago. Some of it DID get done – I did manage to clean off the shelf above the TV. After that I’m not sure what happened. It might of been I was just consumed with cleaning the house as a whole, and trying to maintain some sort of non-trashiness in here. Maybe I just got lazy. I’m not sure.

Regardless, I’m going to just start again where I left off. One minor setback is not going to keep me from hitting the goal of having a totally organized house.

The goal for this week – clean this main room. The desk, the coloring book/crayon area, and the “to go box” (where we put papers and other items that need to go somewhere as we walk out the door, like papers for school and outgrown clothes we are passing to a friend). The desk area is the absolute worst in this room, and will probably take the most time. It also must be done if I want to get my taxes done (it tends to be the dumping ground for bills and mail), so there’s my motivation. There’s money sitting on my desk! All I have to do is clean it.

Who’s with me this week, and what room are you organizing?


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