Bunnytown Games for Preschoolers

I just had to blog about this because my daughter loves these games so much. She’s just starting to read, but can not do a whole lot that requires reading. Playhouse Disney is wonderful for her, since it tells them all the instructions outloud and has a whole lot of great games for them to play.

Bunnytown is one of her favorites, because she gets to “buy” stuff for a bunnytown house, and clothes for her bunnytown bunny. Items are purchased with Carrots, which are earned from the games available in this section. Then they get to decorate their homes and bunnies in anyway they like. There’s even several different types of homes to chose from, which they can change at any time.

You can view other rooms and bunnies of kids online, but there is no real interaction. However, you can send them a message by choosing from a list. I’m sure there’s probably a way to check messages sent, but I haven’t found this yet (of course, I don’t get to play too much because she’s too busy on this site!)

I absolutely love the idea behind this. It’s a safe environment where kids can learn to count up their carrots, and understand the concept of saving and shopping. There’s the appeal of sending email and messages without any risks or getting bad messages (which would be the case on other sites where they can send any message they want).

A small hint though – if you run into a problem where the shopping function doesn’t appear to be working, just right click in the main screen and choose “Settings”. Make sure you allow information to be stored on your computer or it won’t work (it uses a cookie-like system instead of a log in system – another reason I love this site because it’s as simple as possible for preschoolers).

If you are needing a site they can play on without you having to help too much, this one is PERFECT. She can play for hours on the whole website, and especially the Bunnytown section (we’ve got to earn more carrots for more stuff of course!).

Have fun!


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