Cooking Steak on the Stove

I’ll admit, I hate grills. To me they are messy, a lot of work, and the food really doesn’t taste that good to me. Let me cook indoors ANY day. I realize I’m in the minority here, since most people love to grill. Sorry, that’s not me.

Thing is even though I don’t like to grill or eat grilled food, I absolutely LOVE steak. Cooked on a restaurant grill (which of course is different from an outdoor home grill) steak tastes absolutely FANTASTIC. Luckily it’s pretty easy to fry up a steak on the stove top just as good as you can get it in the restaurant.

The first thing I do is grab my griddle to cook on. I find it easier to get your steak to come out the right way if you use a flat pan instead of anything else. Why I don’t know, I’m not a master chef, but I just know it works better.

I like my steak medium rare, so I cook my steak at medium to low heat. If you like it rare, turn up the heat a bit so it cooks more on the outside than the inside. If you like it well done, leave it on medium low  and cook it for longer.

Depending on your pan and your oven, it may take a little practice to get your steak just right. Although the most important thing is keeping an eye on your steak. Adjust heat as need be while cooking to make sure your steak is just the way you want it.

We’re planning on having steak tonight, with homemade mashed potatoes of course!


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