Pork Chops with Mushroom Soup

Last night we had the most tasty pork chops. They were very tender – I baked them this time instead of frying. Well that and they were smaller chops so easier to cook.

Since I didn’t really feel like cooking a huge complicated meal, I just threw the pork chops in a glass casserole dish with a can of cream of mushroom soup. Nothing else. No water, butter.. nothing.  Just baked for about an hour at 400*. After about a half hour I flipped them over. Oh did they come out DELICIOUS!

If you have the chance to pick up little pork chops, I highly recommend just baking them with little to no extra ingredients. YUM!


3 thoughts on “Pork Chops with Mushroom Soup

  1. I like this one, trying it out tonight with about a cup of rice (doubles when it cooks ya know) cooked on the side to mix after baking. My poor toaster oven just can’t hold a bigger dish than 8×8. 😦


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