Do You Change Wallpaper Often?

No, I’m not talking about the stuff you put on your wall in the house. I’m talking about “desktop wallpaper” – that picture that appears in the background on your computer.

Much to my surprise, searching for free desktop wallpaper is quite a hot search topic. Maybe I’m just so afraid of spyware and other icky things getting attached to my computer that I completely dismiss the idea there could actually be cool desktop wallpaper out there without a threat to my poor old ‘puter.

Although I did go out on a limb for the purpose of this post to see if maybe some of these sites weren’t bad – unfortunately my anti-virus program prevented me from even viewing the page. Hmmm, that’s not good.

So for those who are just as nervous and over-protective as I am, do you change your wallpaper often? Do you download it from a safe site, or do you use your own? I have no idea where my current wallpaper came from, but I do remember it was originally on my Windows 98 IBM. (Yes I’ve had the same background THAT LONG – sad, isn’t it?).

VERY interested in hearing replies!


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