Scented Pillow Sewing Project

Since our house has been sick for the last few weeks, I had an idea today for a new kind of pillow to sew. You may have heard of “dream pillows” that contain special types of herbs and oils for good dreams and sleep. This is similar, with a slightly different twist.

The main problem with the dream pillows is they eventually lose their scent and effectiveness. So instead of sewing a regular pillow, I made one with a pocket on the front with a velcro tab.
Eucalyptus is a staple in our house. It’s wonderful for congestion and stuffy noses. So I took a cotton ball and dabbed eucalyptus oil on it. It goes right into the pocket of the pillow and will be put in the pillow tonight.

You can put anything you want into the pocket of this pillow – oils, herbs, or flowers. Lavender is another oil that is great for relaxing, so would go perfect in the pocket. At any time you need to change the scent or replace it, it’s not a problem.

These would make wonderful gifts for those who suffer from allergies, or get the occasional winter cold (aka everyone!).  If you need to stock up on essential oils or other herbs, be sure to see Mountain Rose Herbs.



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