Craft Projects for Easter

While there are a few free craft projects for Easter listed on Idea Queen, I thought it would be fun to post a few kits for sale at one of my favorite online craft stores. These are some REALLY cute projects and worth looking into. This site really does have a lot of neat stuff.

Flower Pot Bunny (pk/24)
Flower Pot Bunny (pk/24)
How cute are these? Plus they come in a pack, so they are really great for group projects with multiple kids. You can even save the leftovers for next year, share with your local daycare, or use as a birthday party activity. Very inexpensive costing less than a dollar per bunny.

Super Foam Bunny Purse (pk/12)

Bunny Purse (pk/12)
Another VERY adorable bunny who makes a very cute purse. Another great activity for multiple kids to do. Share this project with some friends!

Bunny Pen with Egg Stand (pk/6)
Bunny Pen with Egg Stand (pk/6)
Alright so if you couldn’t tell, I really like the bunnies. They are just too darn cute! This one looks extremely fun to decorate, and is useful as well (holds a pen).

Maybe if we all think spring with these craft projects for Easter, we can chase away the cold weather. I know I’m more than ready for it to be spring!


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