Activities for Spring Break

Spring break is approaching, and you’ll need some ideas to keep those kids busy. It’s hard to predict how nice the weather is going to be this year, so we’ll be sure to list indoor and outdoor activities. If you can get outside you should!

Craft Ideas

If it’s still cold and wet outside, you’ll of course need some indoor activities. Crafts are a wonderful way to keep kids busy. Idea Queen has several different crafts, including how to make your own stickers and crafts for kids rooms (decorations they can make specifically for their room).

Also be on the lookout at the grocery store in the checkout for little booklets. A few weeks ago we picked up a book that cost less than $5, and is filled with craft ideas. The best part of this booklet is the crafts are made from household items such as cans, bottles, and paper towel rolls.  You can let the kids raid the recycling bin for various items to use.

Indoor Activities

So the weather isn’t great, and you’ve got to find things to do inside. Not a problem! You can always spend some time on the computer with them (see game sites for kids and game sites for toddlers).   We’ve been pretty hooked on the Webkinz for the last several days, so all other game sites don’t seem to matter right now. There’s just way too much to do there!

If you need a break from the computer, there’s lots of other things you can do inside together. Try a few board games, or maybe cooking in the kitchen. What better way to spend the afternoon than making a batch of cookies? You might also think about cooking up some playdough to use that day as well. If you make it edible, they can eat it after they are done playing.

Outdoor Activities

Hopefully over spring break the weather will be nice enough you can actually get outside for awhile (I know I’m more than ready for the snow to be gone!). Take your first trip of the year to the local park, or to somewhere special (we have a wild life park and learning center right outside of town – check your area for places similar to this).

To stay closer to home, you might think about working on your garden or just spending the day in the backyard playing a few kids games. Try some different versions of tag, or play other childhood games if you have enough people. No matter what, try to get involved with the kids (Although we’ve learned mom is just too good at baseball and we lose balls over the fence if we try to play that in the backyard, so it can’t be played at home). If you play with them, it’s good exercise and you’ll have a blast spending time together!

This list should get you started, and at least give you several options depending on the weather. It’s so hard to predict what the weather will be a week ahead of time this time of year. I hope we’ve given you enough ideas either way though!


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