Blender Recipes for Kids

Our blender had a little accident several months ago, and I’m just dying to make smoothies for the kids. Since I’ve got tax return in hand, I think it’s about time to replace it.

The best smoothie recipes we’ve ever had were the ones we came up with ourselves. Following a recipe with a few basic ingredients, we were able to come up with all kinds of different types that were oh-so-tasty.

You will need the following ingredients to start:

– Frozen fruit and berries (or fresh fruit/berries and ice)
– Yogurt (plain or flavored, we usually use plain)
– Honey

Yup, that really is all you need! The yogurt gives it a smooth texture, and the frozen fruit or ice gives it the icy texture. Honey is simply used in place of sugar to make it sweet. This is especially important if you have certain fruits that are slightly bitter.

Strawberry has been our favorite so far, although we love to buy mixed bags of frozen fruits and berries to try out new flavors. If you do use strawberries, make sure you buy slices and now whole. Using whole is how our blender died. Oops!

These make a wonderful treat, especially in the spring and summer. Have fun coming up with new blender recipes for kids!


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