Decorating Easter Eggs – Paint or Dye?

Here it is, almost Easter and we still don’t have our Easter eggs done yet. Gasp! No worries, we plan to tackle this project on Saturday right before Easter.

Today I found an articled about painting eggs instead of dyeing, which I thought was rather interesting. The thought never crossed my mind that we could actually use paint instead of those messy dyes. Not a bad idea at all! The article goes on to give ideas for different ways to paint, which I also thought was very useful.

This got me thinking – exactly what do we want to do this year? Do we want to paint them or dye them like we always do? Well I think we are doing a little bit of both.

Usually we get the kind of dye kits that come with little sponges which allow you to “paint” the dye onto the eggs. This has always worked pretty well and kept the mess to a minimum (thank goodness for black counter tops that don’t show stains!).

Regardless, there’s some pretty good ideas for painting on that page that I believe we can use with the dye. I especially like the Tie-Dye idea with the paper towel. We might give that a shot with the regular dye instead of the paint and see how it works.

Have fun!


2 thoughts on “Decorating Easter Eggs – Paint or Dye?

  1. Oooh! Thanks for that article! I’d have to say paint definitely! And no worries, we don’t have our eggs done yet either *gasp*. I’m always bad at this, lol! But the kids don’t care – as long as it’s done *before* Easter, lol!

    We did the tie-dying last year with the those “dye tablets” you dissolve in water. What we did was had a different baggie for each dye color. Take the egg and place it in the baggie and put in just a drop or two of the dye in there also. (Dipping a slim straw into the dye and putting your finger over the top of the straw to drip it into the bag works well.) Hold the baggie closed at the top and “squeeze” the egg around a bit. You can also use two different colors (or more). They looked really cool but my son would tend to not let one color dry completely before using another color. (Then it didn’t always look the best, lol!)

    Anyway, I look forward to trying the paints and papers towels this time. The banding sounds really neat too! I have a bag of all different sizes of rubber bands – that ought to give it a nice touch.

    I think the kids will enjoy the painting instead this year. Hmm… Spring break starts tomorrow … maybe we’ll have to “paint” our eggs then!


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