Leftover Sausage Idea

Well this is new. This is the first time we’ve ever had sausage leftover. Luckily as soon as I realized I was cooking too much, I knew what to do with it.

For supper last night we had breakfast. You know, hashbrowns, eggs, and sausage. The last time I made this, I only used half of one of those tubes of raw sausage. Well, last night I forgot and made it all. Oops! I knew it was way too much and there was no way we’d eat it all.

Although I knew immediately what to do with it – make pizza! For some odd reason, my daughter’s favorite pizza is sausage where as mine is pepperoni (unless I’m making the “mountain pizza“, then just about anything goes). So I informed her the next night for supper we’d be having her favorite.

Really there’s just about enough to make it a pizza topping, so it turned out pretty well. The kids are getting somewhat tired of my pizza, so I think I’ll make a smaller version of it tonight with just sausage and pepperoni. That way everyone will be happy, and we’ll be using up that leftover sausage.

What do you do with leftover sausage when there’s not enough for everyone?


3 thoughts on “Leftover Sausage Idea

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  2. We often do “breakfast for supper”. We enjoy doing that once in a while too. Sometimes we do the “eggs, sausage/bacon, and home fries” or sometimes we do pancakes, french toast or even waffles … and yep, we’ve even done bowls of cereal (mom likes when the kids’ ask for that! lol!)

    Anyway, about the sausage … we rarely have leftover sausage because we all love it waaaay too much. However, on the rare occasion that we do have leftovers, I’ll keep it until the next morning (or the following) and throw it in with scrambled eggs.

    The kids love just scrambled eggs and sausage or scrambled eggs and hashbrowns mixed (moms favorite, lol!)

    And your daughter and I would get along just dandy – maybe, because we could get caught fighting over that last piece of sausage pizza! LOL!


  3. Yum! Sausage in the eggs sounds really yummy too! Might have to try that if I can get out of bed soon enough to actually make breakfast. I think that’s why the kids like “Breakfast for supper” so much….they rarely get a breakfast that’s not cereal or waffles. What can I say, I’m not fully awake until I’ve had at least one cup of some form of cappuccino lol.


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