Monday Organizing Challenge: Tables

As I type, I’m looking at a very unorganized dining room table. There’s toys, loads of candles, mail, and other “stuff” that needs to be put in it’s place. It’s become the dumping ground for all we didn’t want to just throw on the floor.

This week’s challenge is about cleaning off the “dumping table”. This could be your kitchen table, dining room table, coffee table, or side table inside a door.

Go ahead and clean it off right this minute. Didn’t take all that long, did it? Now the REAL challenge is keeping it clean. Every time you think about just tossing something down on that particular table, stop yourself. Don’t toss it in another place either – just put it away.

A simple step that takes less than a minute, but has a dramatic effect on the organization of your house. Post your success here next week!


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