After Easter – Easter Egg Art

This particular craft is something we do every year with our Easter eggs. I mean you spend that time decorating them, you want to KEEP them, right? Well this idea is perfect if you want to transform them into something that won’t go bad in your fridge a week later….

Basically all we do is save all the shells from the eggs. Yes they crack and we have several pieces, but that just makes it more fun. We take the shells and arrange them on a black sheet of construction paper. Then we take clear packing tape and place it over the shells to keep them in place (We’ve tried glue in previous years, and that didn’t turn out so well). If you want it without the lines, you can laminate it if you want. We don’t have the supplies for that though, so we use clear packing tape.

Here’s a snapshot of the pictures we’ve done in previous years with two different background colors. You can see the black looks a lot better. Have fun!


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