Blinds for Kids Rooms

This can be a tricky one. Kids can destroy a room faster than you can pick it up, so you’ll really want to get blinds or curtains of some sort that are going to hold up.

That really goes for any room for that matter – I can’t tell you how many different sets of blinds we’ve had all over the house. The only ones that have survived were in areas they never go.

Blinds in general should be avoided if you have small children. The strings are too tempting to pull, they get caught in them, and they are just way too easy to break. You are better off sticking with some type of curtain that’s safe, such as this Butterfly Bamboo Curtain from YourKidsDirect. I love this particular curtain because it’s a lot harder for them to tear down and it looks really nice in any room.

Now if the kids are older, your blinds should be safe. Take a trip to your local Walmart or Target to see what’s available for cheap blinds. Or you could take a look at the Ready-Made 2 Faux Wood Blinds, 23W x 64L available from HomeVisions. They have several different colors and sizes listed for you to choose. One major plus to shopping online is you can measure your windows just seconds before buying. It’s a lot easier than having to write it down then forgetting the paper when you go out shopping.


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