Using the Package of Buns

So I cheated. Normally I make my own buns for various sandwiches, but the other day at the store I decided to just buy the package of buns and be done with it.

It’s always puzzled me why they come in packages of 8 though. Sure it’s great for when you’ve got company and your grilling (although who only buys ONE package when you’ve got company?). But what if you are just feeding a family of three? Why can’t buns come in different number of packages? Or dare I say INDIVIDUAL packages?

Luckily it’s going to work out this time, and we may just be able to eat them all before they go bad. But this will be a first I haven’t had leftovers or not enough. The only reason it’s going to work out is because I’ll be using 2 tonight, then 3 and 3 the rest of the week. That’s ONLY because my son is currently in another state with his dad, and it’s just me and my daughter for supper tonight. He comes home tomorrow, and we’ll end up having hamburgers two nights in a row just to get rid of those buns.

I guess if you have a family of 4 it might work out if you eat two different meals that require buns during the week, but who wants to plan their meals around buns? It’s quite annoying I think, and wishing they had smaller packages. Or maybe I’ll just quit complaining and go back to making my own, so I have total control over the number we have on hand.



2 thoughts on “Using the Package of Buns

  1. Now see why didn’t I think of that? Guess I’m hesitant to freeze stuff for fear of what it will taste like thawed. But I really should give that a shot. Thanks for the tip!


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