Frugal Friday Tip

Since earlier this week we took some time and organized our bills, today I thought we’d work on lowering your bills a bit. Yes it IS possible!

First take a look at your finances and all the things you are currently paying for. Are there things you really don’t need? Sometimes we get carried away with those cheap memberships for various things thinking “it’s just a few dollars, why not?”. When I added up all my “just a few dollars” memberships I realized that added up it is NOT just a few dollars. Cancel what you really don’t need or aren’t really using to shave a bit off your monthly budget.

Next, take a look at your credit cards. If you are one of the lucky few who have always paid off your credit cards every month, congrats to you! I use to be one of them until forced into a bad financial spot (I am far too proud to borrow money from family, so my credit card was my life line). Your interest rates may look absolutely terrible right now, but you CAN get those lowered.

Most people don’t know all it takes is a quick call to your credit card companies and asking them to lower your interest rate. About two years ago mine was not a fix but a variable rate and quite a bit over 20%. (Ouch, right?). After one call I got it at a fixed 19%. Just with those few percentages I knocked off $20/mo. A few months ago I called again to have them review the account, and got it lowered another 2%.

So if you are like most Americans and have some nasty looking credit card balances, try getting your rates lowered. You’ll get your balance paid off a whole lot quicker without raising the amount you pay monthly on it.

This tip was pulled from “97 Money Saving Ideas


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