After School Activities: What’s Too Little?

Growing up I never cared to be in after school activities. Aside from a few choir-related things, I just never got into sports or anything else. The only thing I wanted to do when the bell rang at 3pm was get HOME.

Because it never interested me, I tend to not push my own kids into things. In the summer they take swimming lessons, and my daughter is in dance (enjoying it much more than I did, but then again she’s quite a girly-girl where as I was not). My son has also taken Tae Kwan Do in the past and wants to take it again (we’ll be getting him in that again in a few weeks). But aside from that, they really aren’t involved in much.

So the question here is, what’s too little? Most parents worry about getting their kids into too many activities, but here I am worrying I don’t have them in enough. My son I especially worry about, since I’ll most likely be homeschooling him this fall. I hear about all these clubs and sports homeschooled kids are involved in, and think maybe I *should* be getting them involved in more stuff. Maybe I’m projecting my own dislikes on my kids and preventing them from getting involved in activities they’d really like. But if they really don’t express interested in wanting to get involved, maybe I shouldn’t push it?

What’s your thoughts?


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