Birthday Dinner: Angel Hair Pasta

Yesterday was my son’s birthday, so it was his choice on what we made for supper. I thought he’d say tacos since mom’s taco meat is his absolute favorite (move over Taco Bell!). Much to my surprise he said “pasta”.

I knew exactly which type he was talking about, because it’s the one we make the least. Usually when I make pasta it’s fettucini or mac and cheese. Those are the only two my daughter will eat (I don’t know what’s wrong with that child – she doesn’t even like spaghetti!). But since it was his birthday, he picked the one pasta dish his sister doesn’t like.

I actually love this recipe, and jumped at the chance to make it again. The last time we made it was clear back in December, so yeah I was excited. It came out pretty good too, and we cooked it the same way we did last time (See Angel Hair Pasta Recipe).

He was happy, although we had to pry the pot from his hands and convince him he really should use his own bowl. It’s rather funny to watch him scarf this pasta since he’s normally such a picky eater!


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