Mini Pizzas

Saturday we spend the day doing some hard core cleaning, so I was absolutely exhausted come supper time. We had all the makings for pizza, but I just didn’t feel like going to all that trouble. Plus someone always has a complaint about something.

So instead we did “mini pizzas” and everyone got to do their own. I had some leftover biscuits (the dough in the can – I cheated with something and can’t remember what), so we just added the toppings to that. Come to find out my 8yr old now dislikes cheese for whatever reason, and he was happy to leave the cheese off his.

For the three of us we used 2 cans of biscuits – everyone used two per pizza. Since they were so small we didn’t even use a whole package of pepperoni, nor a whole jar of mushrooms. We barely used any pizza sauce at all.

The “crust” was a little big for being “mini” pizza, so you might want to just use one biscuit per pizza if you don’t like a lot of crust. My kids liked it though, so no big deal.

Once all the toppings were on, we tossed them in the oven as instructed on the can of biscuits. No extra time needed, but do keep an eye on them.

They came out really yummy, and since everyone had made their own they were just perfect. Everyone ate every bite!


One thought on “Mini Pizzas

  1. Great Idea! I will plan this one night. We also do it bagels, but they might enjoy the canned biscuits just as well and we normally have those when we don’t always have bagels.


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