Frugal Friday: Local Farmer’s Market

I absolutely love our local farmer’s market. It started just last year, but I was looking forward to it again all winter long. Granted the selection was a little slim yesterday because there isn’t much full grown yet, but that will change as the summer continues.

The prices are really amazing on certain things you usually pay top dollar for in the stores. Peppers especially are usually pretty cheap (we got a whole BAG of them for just a dollar!), and they can be frozen pretty easy. Other produce you may have to use immediately, but if your farmer’s market is weekly it shouldn’t be a problem.

Yesterday we found things like onion, radish, and rhubarb already out. Plus of course some very delicious pies and breads we always have to give in on. You’d be surprised what you can find to cook with up there though.  You can shave a bit off your monthly grocery bill by shopping locally, while eating healthier at the same time as well!


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