Tidy Tuesday: Garage Organizing

For some reason no matter how hard we try, we can’t seem to get the garage cleaned up enough to get a car inside. After last night’s thunderstorms and hail, I realized I need to try a little harder.

The main problem right now is a very large cabinet that was moved out of the kitchen. Whoever decided right by the door was a good place for it was out of their minds. Sadly it was probably ME.

Even though spending money is the last thing I want to do most of the time, I did hire someone to haul some garbage on more than one occasion. Usually local guys who do odd jobs like this are pretty cheap, usually costing under $50. It’s well worth the money too, because all you have to do is load up a trailer with all your junk and they take care of the rest.

However, that cabinet is just too big for me to move on my own up into a trailer. How we ever got it into the garage is beyond me, and must have been done with multiple muscular men around.  Unfortunately I’m lacking that these days.

So instead of trying to remove it completely, I think we’ll just move it to the back of the garage. The back of our garage has been extended anyway, so there’s plenty of room. While there’s no way I’ll lift it on my own, I can at least scoot it. Same goes for other stuff in the way like bikes and the mower. For those who have sheds, basements, and porches you may be able to put your “extra stuff” there so the garage looks nicer. As for the true junk – I highly recommend finding someone who does hauling for cheap. It will make your job a whole lot easier!


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