Pork Chops & Rice Recipe

Alright so it wasn’t exactly rice we used. It was a box of the Zatarain’s Jambalaya mix. I didn’t have any white rice or anything else, so decided to use that. It turned out pretty good regardless.

Basically all I did was put the rice in a casserole dish, then added the amount of water it said on the box. The pork chops went on top of that. I covered the dish with foil and baked it for about an hour on 350*. It turned out REALLY good, and I might just try it with different types of rice next time.

Can’t say my son exactly liked it because he’s not a rice fan, but my daughter seemed to at least like the flavor of the pork chops. This recipe was actually pretty similar to one of my leftover recipes, except the pork chops get cooked with the rice instead of using leftover pork.

Very tasty and very easy to try variations!


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